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beginning with the boots

March 9, 2009

It is a cool and sunny Monday in Los Angeles.  Blame it on the weather, but because I am less than usually inclined to get down to work, it seems like an appropriate time to start things up here at 72suburbs.

The plan is to fill this blog with vignettes about my strange and sometimes glorious city, and with my own attempts to pin down my feelings about this place.  But since it’s Monday, that’s a tall order.  Instead, I’ll begin by offering this:  I’ll tell you what might have happened to you in the past 48 hours, if you were a twentysomething Angelena with a desk job and an erratic sleep schedule.

If you were such a girl, you might have attended a birthday party on Saturday night, at the kind of South Bay establishment where drinks are served in big plastic buckets.  And while you were there, a massive cake fight might have broken out – meaning that every third person in the room was liberally anointed with buttercream frosting, and the dance floor became a large greasy skating rink, and general mayhem ensued.  You might then have arrived home circa three in the morning, pausing only long enough to shuck off your boots and toss them on the floor before collapsing into bed in a sugary heap.

After a Sunday dedicated to recovery, you might have leapt out of bed Monday morning somewhat later than planned, and spent your first quarter-hour of consciousness hopping around the room half-dressed and banging into things.  In your zeal to be gone, you probably pulled on whatever shoes were handy, then attempted to run down your front steps with a toothbrush still hanging out of your mouth.  It wouldn’t have occurred to you to look at your feet until just after noon, halfway through a meeting with several well-clad coworkers.  At that point, of course, you would have realized that you were wearing smart black slacks, a silk sweater, and a pair of boots decorated with generous swirls of frosting, beer and unidentified muck.

Ah.  Monday, my old friend.

Which brings us to the present, where I sit at my desk, nursing a Diet Coke and trying to covertly shine my shoes with Kleenex and hand sanitizer.  Hello, everyone.  Glad you’re here.  There’s more coming, but in the meantime, I hope that your week is beginning more cleanly than mine.

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  1. red_toupee permalink
    March 10, 2009 2:20 am

    Moving on from perfectcircles? Ah well. I’ll keep reading. =)

    • Kate permalink*
      March 11, 2009 4:47 am

      Aw, glad you’re here, Rachel! I’m a very negligent commenter but I’m still following Flowers in the Window. 🙂

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